Glenn Martens was trained in traditional schools of architecture and fashion before his appointment as creative director of Y/Project in 2013.  Y/Project's garments contemplate and play with proportion and sculpture, pushing the boundaries of what can be communicated through the medium of fashion, and what a piece of clothing can accomplish.  Individuality and collectivism are juxtaposed within Y/Project's aesthetic, and gender norms of strong, rigid masculinity and sensitive, agreeable femininity are broken down and subsequently seamlessly woven together. Drawing inspiration from the nebulous world of 90's European rave culture, Y/Project references a broad range of ambitious concepts, subcultures, and artistic fields. The label is a deserving predecessor to the lineage of conceptual brilliance that has come out of Belguim - Raf, Demeulemeester, Van Noten, amongst many others. As intellectual as it is ineffably cool, ever since Martens has occupied the post of creative director Y/Project has quickly become an industry darling.