Artworkwear, everyday workwear for the creative ones.

London based Vyner Articles is dedicated to creating a relevant menswear seasonal wardrobe, equally made to be worn by women. Vyner Articles is named after Vyner Street, in London’s East End, where the Creative Director and Founder Heikki Salonen lives and works. Elements from Vyner Street, such as a neon sign Trapped in Freedom created by artist Marlon Brown adorning the façade of the studio, as well as the opposite establishment, a much-loved pub The Victory, are nodded to through prints within the collections and constitute foundational elements of the brand’s family values. The garments are simple and made of humble materials, keeping the focus on perfecting workwear staples beyond the sentimental with special attention to prints, treatments and fabric manipulations. The design process mixes and cross-references multiples ideas on several levels where familiar elements are introduced within a surprising context. The collections are ethically made using principally organic materials.

«My idea was to create a new type of workwear for artists drunk on creativity» ⏤ Heikki Salonen

Vyner Articles