The Italian label Sunnei styles itself as 2018's iteration of the Italian "sprezzatura" aesthetic, which loosely translates into "effortlessly cool."  Helmed by Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina, the label's sensibility is perhaps best defined by the intersection of streetwear and luxurious Italian haute-couture infused with a hefty dash of both self-aware humor and irony. The design duo utilizes the best of multiple traditions, with an eye to the precision of classic Italian cuts as well as world-class handmade textiles. Ambitious and driven by a spirit of innovation, Sunnei's aesthetic resists the boredom and monotony that characterizes many contemporary reimaginations of Italian sartorial craftsmanship. The name "Sunnei" stands for being careless and free, and the label doesn't take itself too seriously; instead, Rizzo and Messina channel the litany of complexities and contradictions within the contemporary landscape of fashion into their garments.