Designer Mihara Yasuhiro conceived his brand in Tokyo throughout 1997, and soon earned a reputation for his original handmade shoes and eccentric clothing. As a graduate of Tama Art University’s textile design program, he quickly rose up to be also known for his playful and out-of-the-box twists on classic menswear staples. His commitment to quality materials stays unphased and shines clear through the development of strong impactful designs. The brand's initial notoriety was gained through his inventive shoe designs but later was renowned for his choice to take on a full clothing line. The collections emphasize his keen, precise eye for fit and impeccable fabric choices. He features professional tailoring with one of a kind motifs, luxury treatments and offers exclusive use of asymmetry. These pieces offer you witty and unexpected ideas that are the ideal alternative to the traditional ideations we have of men’s high fashion. 

Men's Mihara Yasuhiro