Co-Founded by one of the managers of Daft Punk, Maison Kitsune is both a record label and fashion brand under one roof. The juxtaposition of the classical French word which evokes an adherence to tradition with the traditional Japanese word for “fox” (a symbol of versatility in traditional Japanese lexicon) reveal a contemporary vision of fashion, influenced equally by Paris and Tokyo.  Maison Kitsune recognizes the importance of a balance between tradition and innovation, between comfort and simplicity.  Designed with an eye for those who value effortless style, the core concept driving is one of reinventing classics, striving to create timeless yet original garments. Kitsune holds a keen eye for the finer details of garment construction, and their garments often warrant a close examination to appreciate the totality of the finishing touches and details inclusive on their garments.

Maison Kitsune