Hyein Seo

A graduate of Antwerp's prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts, South Korean designer Hyein Seo explores contemporary urban sportswear through a distinctly unisex prism.  Irreverent, subtly ironic, and conceptually precise, Hyein Seo's work serves to foreground her imagined dystopia, a landscape informed by a lifetime of dusty arcades and prodigious amounts of anime.  A consistent theme throughout Seo's career has been the transition from adolescence to womanhood, and her AW 17 collection explores this idea by creating 20 different looks for Amrita, a character based on an amalgamation of the fantasy characters of Akira, Street Fighter, Tekken and Dragon Girls.  Seo's representation of empowerment feels truly fresh and original, and the y2k era arcade-game inspired aesthetic seems perfectly suited for our tumultuous times.