Doublet is a label that enmeshes multiple ideas together to create stimulating and experimentally inclined collections.  The word 'doublet' comes from the alternate name for the word puzzle, referring to a game in which the players modify words, transforming a given word into another by changing only one letter at a time, forming a genuine new word with each letter change. The word coined by Lewis Carrol, author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  Designer Masayuki Ino conceives of his clothing a bit like a word puzzle; he likes adding and combining extra concepts onto his garments while still producing a coherent, wearable garment.  Despite this avant-garde tinged philosophy, Doublet is eminently wearable, and Ino believes that holding on to tangible meanings that are grounded in reality when it comes to his creation is a chiefly important value.  Central to every garment he creates is a strong vein of both humor and logic, as well as latent messages and ideas that customers have to dissect and resolve in the garment in order to grasp.